Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Marriage without Love: Can It Last for a Long Time?

Recently my best friend has married a person whom she doesn't love. It isn't a marriage of convenience because they are of the same social status. She says that she feels great respect for him and she can sacrifice but there is no love in her heart. They are satisfied with what they have in their relations because they have complete understanding between each other. He loves her and that is enough for both of them. They have common interests, plans for the future and they are happy to have such life.

A question occurs in my mind: Can such a marriage without love last for a long time? I think that it can exist. The most important thing is respect between two people; it is one of the components of love and strong relations. Anyway, in any couple one person loves, another allows to love. Sometimes it happens so that the love of one person is quite enough for two people.

So, I admit such an opinion that a marriage without love can be strong and last for a long time.