Thursday, 24 January 2008

Unexpected Changes on the Credit Card Market

The whole world is anxious about the events happening on the US market. Stock prices continue to fall down and it will influence greatly on the economy in Asian and European countries. The reason for market fall is President Bush's desire to make some changes in the country's economy. Will the consequences of this try make everybody pleased? It is a contentious thing. Possibly there will be great changes on the credit card market.

A great number of major companies are loosing large sums of money. But for many consumers market crisis is a chance to get rid of debts. The Federal Reserve has decided to decrease interest rates and it is only to consumers' advantage. There will more low rate credit card deals and consequently more opportunities for people to take advantage of their credit cards.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Is There Fate in Life?

I was arguing with my friend about the question of fate. I think that most of things depend on us, we build our life ourselves. It always gives us several roads to choose from and each of them is for us to learn something or work at some trates of character. The fact is that everything depends on you, life only gives you situations to go through.

My friend thinks that everything is destined and we live according to some gear.

So, it is useless to argue about such things, every person has his own point of view. We will never know what the real answer to this question is.