Wednesday, 12 December 2007

One of the Moments to Live For

Christmas is coming and no matter if we think about it or not everything around reminds us of this great holiday. When I'm going along the streets or go shopping there are so many signs. Somehow my mood become better and I feel that holidays are given not by chance.
Sometimes our life seems too monotonous and we need some unforgettable moments to happen. Holidays fill us with positive shot of energy.
Christmas is a special holiday. For me it's a kind of a fairy tale where I found myself for several days. Sometimes it even happens so that I don't have desire come back to reality from that wonderful world of surprise.
I'm looking forward to this wonderful holiday!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Credit Cards and Star Signs

One more interest I have is star signs. Of course I don't believe in what is written in horoscope but sometimes it's interesting to read it and compare what coincides.

Recently I have read an article about the influence of your star sign on your finance especially when it concerns credit cards.

There has been mentioned that Capricorns are subject to running into debt and Aries is the best sing for owning a credit card. I doubt if there is someone who will believe in this. Everything depends on your ability to use the card wisely.

On the whole this idea with credit cards for star signs is rather interesting and unusual and it’s one more way to attract people’s attention.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Plan According to Desire

Our life gives us a great number of opportunities to realize ourselves and enjoy the process of living. As I have mentioned in the previous post I'm going to arrange something of my own. It will be not only my job but my hobby as well.
But as I'm a person who needs changes, professional and mental development and personal enrichment I have decided to widen my business. To combine the useful with the pleasing I want to travel abroad to learn more about beauty and appearance, to look with my own eyes. I'm interested in the trends famous in other countries.
I think traveling helps greatly: different people, different lifestyles, everything is different and so unexpected. It's great that we can plan our time in the way we want.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Feel Free to Arrange Your Own Business

Everyone expresses himself in different ways. I'm constantly thinking about organizing my own business. I'm looking through new ideas how to make your business a success. I know that it takes time and money to create something of your own and to keep it.
Recently I have heard about business credit cards that help to save money on business expenditures and other purchases. Business credit card is a good step to managing your expenses and controlling business finance. My best friend has acquired the card and she doesn't regret. She has a great number of things to buy as she owns a beauty salon. With business credit card she is fortunate to save money taking part in rewards programs. So I'm thinking about applying for this card and making my business a success.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Life Is Life

Life is such an unusual thing, you never know what will happen to you the next moment. Sometimes it happens so that your way of life seems boring to you and you need some changes. Many things depends on a person himself and those who say that everything in our life is ordained by fate are wrong. Of course it's my own opinion and you may argue if you don't agree.
It's not by chance that I have come to this point of view and decided to share it. My life always gives me situations and the right of choice. It's like when you are just walking along the street and have to decide whether to go to the right, to the left or straight ahead. So everything in our life depends on our own decision.
Every situaton is given for you not for no reason. It is given to you to understand something or to change your way of thinking. Unless you don't come through a certain stage you will be given a chance to make changes but in some other situation.
I'm fond of thinking about life, it's like school, you are always learning something and discovering new sides of it. That's great!

Friday, 16 November 2007

It's Up To You To Choose

Nowadays people are given a great amount of opportunities to take into considerations. The choice of shops and places to go to as well as the variety of goods and purchases is so wide that sometimes we are puzzled thinking what to choose.
With the constant development of the credit card market people have a good opportunity to manage their finance. Taking into consideration that plastic payment has become one of the major ones, various types of credit cards are being created.
People can easily find any information on the best credit cards from any bank they want.
For those having excellent or good credit and desiring to take advantage of the card, it's possible to get a rewards credit card. It allows you to earn points and cash back enjoying the things you usually do such as shopping or traveling.
Those who have had some problems with payments and consequently have bad credit history also have what to choose from.
For example one of my acquaintances was looking through the information on the best credit cards damaged finances. They allow you to improve your credit rating after hard problems with your budget.
Another option is to look through the terms and conditions of the best guaranteed unsecured credit card for those with bad credit. Applying for this card you are not obliged to deposit money to open the account.
So the choice is good and it's up to you to choose the most suitable card. As the process of applying for the card you only have to fill in the bank credit application and wait for the issuer's decision.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Apply For Credit Cards Without Having Credit

Nowadays we can’t imagine a person having no credit card. It has become very convenient to use a plastic while paying for purchases and services. The reasons for getting a credit card are different. Fortunately there is a great variety of them and everyone can find the best one for him.

When it comes to the process of applying for a credit card we begin to think about our credit score as it influences the choice of a plastic. Those having excellent credit history are lucky to choose among the best credit cards with better terms and conditions. People having no credit are not so fortunate but they have a chance to build their credit history. So don’t hesitate to apply for credit cards without having credit. Soon after you build your credit history you will be able to acquire cards with lower interest rates and various advantageous rewards.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Unforgettable Feelings

I have happy news to share with you. I can't believe that it has happened. My sister gave birth to her first child. We have been waiting for this day for such a long period fo time.
So many thoughts come to my mind with the appearance of this small creature. It's such a wonderful feeling to have a small baby. You know that he is your own flesh and blood. A child brings new hope in life, new breath. His appearance is the beginning of another period in life. I can't understand how a child can be a burden. Do you agree with me? You are welcome to share your experience.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Want to be useful?

I am sure you have heard something about charity credit cards. I haven't paid special attention to them but recently I have come across the article about them. Now I think why not acquire a charity card. It's like killing two birds with one stone: having profit for yourself and donating some money to the chosen charity. What's valuable is that the plastic functions as a usual one. You don't have to pay extra money and the interest rates are the same as on any other credit card. Don't you agree that it's an interesting idea. Really, I want to think it over.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Making The Choice

My best friend is impatient to acquire a credit card. She is sure that it will help her to manage her financial situation. Yesterday we were searching for the best credit card deals. We were lucky to come across the site devoted to credit cards and their types. I liked the fact that everything is explained in an understandable way there. Now she is looking through the offers and choosing the best one.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Take Advantage of Student Credit Cards

I've been recently browsing through the Internet and come across the page devoted to student cerdit cards. I'm impatient to share my point of you on that. I like the fact that nowadays all people are given an opportunity to create some financial stability. Students are not the exception. They need something to prove their independence all the time. Having a credit card is a good idea to learn managing money.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Spending Less While Shopping

You know I'm crazy about shopping, it's a kind of a relaxation for me. I'm sure that most of us are eager to buy something that is after our own heart. But we want to befenit from it as much as possible. Once looking through the Internet I came across the site presenting the information on various types of credit cards. And as this type of payment is widely spread in the society I decided to learn more about it. There are special consumer credit cards that allow you to spend less on purchases. I guess it's a great thing and I would like to try. You are welcome to share your experience if you have had such credit cards and have something to say.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I met my classmates and I was very happy really. Many of them have changed greately and their lives differ from what they have had before. One of them told that he created his own firm specializing in credit. And I got interested in it as I am connected with this sphere. I guess that many people who own credit cards are always afraid of something happening to them. I own a card and I wondered if there was something to protect me from card and identity fraud as nowadays it is widespread. My classmate told me that there is a special device thanks to which you don't have to put your signature for credit card payments. There is a special radio transmitter on a card that sends your signature and security code to your credit card company. So I think there is less opportunities for fraudsters to use your card in case it is stolen.

Friday, 31 August 2007


Finally I have found some time to create my own blog. MY OWN! Sounds great! It's so unusual, I should say. Tommorow there will be a very important event for me, I will meet my former classmates whom I haven't seen for ages. When I have time I will share my emotions with you.