Thursday, 28 August 2008

How to Deal with Difficult People?

Life is such a thing when we have to contact people whom we don't like or who have quite opposite characters and just don't suit ours. But for this or that reason we have to communicate with such people. How should we behave in such cases?

First, you have to understand that communicating with difficult people is a lesson for you. It teaches you not to panic, not to let emotions prevail and take everything easy.

Try not to respond to offensive words said to you. Keep in mind that all this is said either to make you feel bad or just because you happen to be at this very place and this moment. If you won't react, a person will understand there is nothing he can do about this and he will go away.

So, be calm and think about your state and mood. Don't let other people take your energy away.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

How Many Wives Should a Man Have?

There are a lot of men who will say that they want many. It happens especially when they can afford it. It's not really bad if women don't have any objections.

The survey shows that polygamist societies live much longer than those who have one woman and live only eith her. Of course it is to a man's advantage when he is taken care of by several women. Mat be this is the reason of their longevity. Besides they are made to be healthy and strong because they know that they have to support them. So, the number of wives in polygamic societies depends on the number of money the man has and shows his social status.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Forget about Credit Card Problems

No one denies the fact that if to choose among all the available plastics the ones with low interest rate and a great deal of rewards are the best ones. Still, not many cardholders know the whole thing about such plastics. Interest rate can be of two types: fixed and variable. However even if you choose a plastic with fixed APR hoping that it will be the same for the life of the account, don't be so sure in it. Your credit card issuer can change it any time he considers it important. The reasons can be different. For more information on various types of plastics look through It will help you to use the card wisely and avoid credit interest rate rise.