Thursday, 11 September 2008

What Does It Mean to Be a Fan?

Being a fan is dangerous in some cases. One thing if you listen to some group and like their songs or go to the football match because you just like the atmosphere and quite another things is to worship some person and consider him to be ideal.

I think the reason for this mad love is some complexes, self non-acceptance. That's why such people strive to behave and look like their idols. It's not really normal as this love occasionally leads to troubles, even death because it is not shared. So, these feeling are fanatic and they have nothing to do with sense.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Get the Money You Need

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What would you do if for instance you need a sufficient sum of money immediately? Some people don't have a chance to ask their relatives or friends for some money to lend. In this case the only way out is getting a credit card that is so widely spread nowadays. Luckily, the variety of credit cards is wide enough to choose from. The positive fact is that you can not only get the needed money but profit from various rewards programs and discounts.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Fashion Needs Skinny People

In the past it was fashionable to be in flesh. Such women were considered to be beautiful and they were worshiped by men. Nowadays everyhthing is quite different. When we watch various vashion shows, all the models taking part in them are very thin, even skiny. What's so beautiful about that? And what is awful is that a lot of girls imitate models and begin keeping to strict diets that lead to serious diseases. What should be done about that?