Thursday, 21 August 2008

Who Will Cure Us?

What surprises me most of all is the quality of our medical health. A great amount of times I have heard that patients are left by medical brothers and sisters when they have some pains. They can even be left to die without any compassion. What's for then our medical system created?

A difficult question. Recently I have read that a mental patient die in the chair just because he wasn't given food and drink. It's a derision. What if they are treated in the same way? After that I doubt about medical training and education.

Monday, 18 August 2008

The Most Difficult Decision in Life

What if you are offered to change the place of living and move to another city or country? Will you move without any hesitation or is there anything that prevents you?

Guess this question is the most difficult in our life. The place we live in is the most precious one for us no matter what place it is. But it is connected with the most unforgettable moments in our life. It's so difficult to leave the place of our childhood, teen age, first love.

And what about our parents and friends? Friends can be met again but parents are the dearest people in the world. But to think it over we won't be near our parents all the time. Sooner or later we will have to change the way of life and start building our own family life. So what: to move or not?

I think yes if this leave gives a great number of opportunities to chanage your life for the better. At least it's never late to come back, your native place will meet you with pleasure.