Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Life Is Life

Life is such an unusual thing, you never know what will happen to you the next moment. Sometimes it happens so that your way of life seems boring to you and you need some changes. Many things depends on a person himself and those who say that everything in our life is ordained by fate are wrong. Of course it's my own opinion and you may argue if you don't agree.
It's not by chance that I have come to this point of view and decided to share it. My life always gives me situations and the right of choice. It's like when you are just walking along the street and have to decide whether to go to the right, to the left or straight ahead. So everything in our life depends on our own decision.
Every situaton is given for you not for no reason. It is given to you to understand something or to change your way of thinking. Unless you don't come through a certain stage you will be given a chance to make changes but in some other situation.
I'm fond of thinking about life, it's like school, you are always learning something and discovering new sides of it. That's great!

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