Monday, 21 January 2008

Is There Fate in Life?

I was arguing with my friend about the question of fate. I think that most of things depend on us, we build our life ourselves. It always gives us several roads to choose from and each of them is for us to learn something or work at some trates of character. The fact is that everything depends on you, life only gives you situations to go through.

My friend thinks that everything is destined and we live according to some gear.

So, it is useless to argue about such things, every person has his own point of view. We will never know what the real answer to this question is.


Patricia said...

I actually know the answer. The fact is that we have our destiny and live according to it. Certainly much depends on the upbringing and outlooks - but... this is already our destiny. And you never know what is destined for you...

Sasha V. said...

I believe in fate. Everything happens for a reason. If the door shuts right in front of you - it wasn't meant to be open! Something better is there for you!!!))