Monday, 12 May 2008

Devote More Time to Your Child

It's a pity but most women don't have enough time to devote to their children. They are too busy with their work that they can't combine it and being with their children. The survey shows that 17% of all women have missed three or more important moment in their children's lives. 34 % of mothers see their children less than three hours a day. Women are ready to earn less but devote more time with their children.

It's sad that women miss such events as the child's first words, family dinner. It has an awful impact on their relations and it is really difficult to make them better later.

So the ways out can be found. If you are too busy with your work it is possible to call your child and ask him about his activities, his mood. It is much better that being absolutely indifferent to your child's life. Then it is possible to arrange your spare time so that you spend more time with your child. It is very important for him. And remember that it is difficult for him to understand that you are busy earning money.

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