Monday, 19 May 2008

Some Myths about Family Life

A lot of things are adviced to newlyweds. Some people listen to them some don't attention. But it is always interesting to listen to someone's point of view. Family life is not that easy. You have to take into consideration your partner's point of view and his habits. So here are the main myths about family life that exist:

Myth 1: Baby brings you closer. It's wrong to think that child can make your relations better. And of course it will never do to give birth to a child in order to save your marriage. It is a responsible step and you should weigh all the pros and cons.

Myth 2: Spouses should be both best friends and romantic partners. Don't forget to take care of your partner. Ask him about his mood, his actions. It will certainly make you closer.

Myth 3: Don’t argue in front of your kids. You may think that any arguements can influence your child's psyche in a bad way. But just think what will be if everything is ideal. The child will have such an idea of family relations. Of course you shouldn't argue all the time and shout but let him understand that there can be anything in the family.

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