Thursday, 28 August 2008

How to Deal with Difficult People?

Life is such a thing when we have to contact people whom we don't like or who have quite opposite characters and just don't suit ours. But for this or that reason we have to communicate with such people. How should we behave in such cases?

First, you have to understand that communicating with difficult people is a lesson for you. It teaches you not to panic, not to let emotions prevail and take everything easy.

Try not to respond to offensive words said to you. Keep in mind that all this is said either to make you feel bad or just because you happen to be at this very place and this moment. If you won't react, a person will understand there is nothing he can do about this and he will go away.

So, be calm and think about your state and mood. Don't let other people take your energy away.


Mizé said...

Hi Karen. Thanks for your visit and comment. I answered your comment in my blog.
Your post has some good advice. Difficult people can really spoil our day, so why let them?
Being calm, or even laugh at the situation is the best thing to do to keep our stress levels low.

cilay said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit and for you nice comment.

Indeed we should never let other people take our energy and good mood away. Just give them your smile, they probably need it. ;)