Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Friendship: Can There Be the End of It?

There are a lot of people who consider that their friend is like a member of his family. They support each other in difficulties and happiness, listen to each other, give helpful pieces of advice. Can such friendship end?

Most people will say: "No, this is impossible. I trust my friend most of all and we will never betray each other. There is nothing and nobody who can destroy our frienship."

In reality everything can happen. You should hope foe the best but be prepared for the worst. But what do you have to do if this has happened?

The ways out are different. It is possible just to stop comunicating with this person if it is unpleasant for you. If you can't even see the person it is possible just to write him a letter and express all your emotions and thoughts. Some people say that it helps. Or quite on the contrary you may have a serious talk with the person. It can save your friendship or lead to good communication.

Choose any method and releave yourself from disappointments.

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