Friday, 30 May 2008

Keeping a Diary: Is There Any Sense in It?

Some years ago I had a diary. Now I read it sometimes and recollect what has been in the past. It is pleasant and funny to read the moments from my childhood.

Some people don't understand the use of writing in the diary. For them it is just a waste of time. So what's the use of keeping a diary?

Diary is the means of expressing thoughts and feelings for those who don't want to tell anything to friends or relatives. These are people who like to be alone with themselves. It doesn't mean that their mood is always awful and they have a great amount of compexes. It is just more comfortable for them. They are isolated from all the others and have their own world.

I don't keep a diary now but I don't think there is anything bad in it. When I look through my notes my heart fills with happiness about the times I have had.

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