Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Avoiding Stress

We can face stress in different situations in our lives: job, personal life. It's very important to know how to cope with it not to do harm to our health.

The best way is to try to abstract yourself away from stress situations. You should manage to take out something useful from every situation and then make it pass by you. One more way is to go in for sports. Yoga helps much. You forget all the things that happen this day and tune yourself on positive emotions.


imee said...

hi it's Nicole King from CIT, thanks for visiting my site. i like this article/post. a bit short but it made me think about yoga. i'm so stressed right now i might try reading my father's yoga books & stuff

IndianPie said...

Hi dear, thanks for dropping at my blog. And also thanks for leaving your comment. like your blog too. Yes, stress is a big health issue today. I hope I can get out of some stress after reading this post..